Leak Detection

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Need us to find that leak for you?

leak detection At S and R Mitchell we provide a leak detection service we use the newest, most advanced leak detection and pipe location technology and have the most expert technicians working the equipment with years of training and that means we will find any leak we come across for you. We work for many other plumbing companies with this service and locate leaks for them so they can fix them for there customers.

How do i know if i have a water leak?

Did you get a higher than average water bill?

Does your water meter rotate over while no taps are on?

Suspicious noises from pipes?

Wet or damp areas?

Have you noticed any gas smells?

If you have any of these problems call us now!!

The Central Coast plumbers at S and R Mitchell Plumbing are experts in their field. S and R Mitchell Plumbing specialise in all aspects of plumbing from leak detection to broken pipes, including blocked drains, gas plumbing, water leaks and hot water repairs. We do it all.